Yoga for Backcare


The People’s Yoga, 5428 NE 30th Ave., Portland, OR

Sunday, January 7th –The Lower Back

Sunday, January 21st- The Upper Back, Shoulders, and Neck

$45 for one, $80 for both (10% discount for TPY membership)


Learn to help alleviate everyday aches and pains, prevent and recover from injury, and improve your alignment through a deepened understanding of your own back.

We will use gentle unwinding movements as well as dynamic and therapuetic yoga poses, to bring awareness to habitual postural patterns and physical and emotional holding that can create strain on the back.  We will also explore anatomy relating to the spine and musculature of the back.   Workshops are appropriate for all levels and gentle enough for beginners and those working with injury.  Modifications of poses will be given as needed.

For registration visit The People’s Yoga here