Mobility and Movement on the Edge of the Aegean

Movement and Mobility on the Edge of the Aegean: Climbing Retreat with Katie Lambert in Kalymnos, Greece September 9-15 2018

This 7-day climbing trip to Kalymnos, Greece will go into the deeper understanding of moving and being on the rock as well as how to interact with the outdoors, with instruction by pro climber Katie Lambert. We will address fear and develop confidence by learning and enhancing skills and understanding the fundamentals to being a good partner, an attentive belayer, and coming to trust yourself and the systems in place.

In addition, daily yoga classes will be offered by yoga teacher Alix Northup. Yoga and climbing are a natural match, both involve mindful movement and bring awareness to the present moment.

Alix will be offering daily hatha yoga classes suitable for all levels that will include both active and restorative poses to help balance the muscles and realign the body to warm up and recover from climbing, increase flexibility, build strength, and focus the mind.

Hailed as a sport climber´s paradise, Kalymnos is surrounded by some of the finest limestone climbing in the world. Situated on the Aegean Sea, the Island offers an ideal range of climbing – from the grey slabs andmore vertical routes, to the impressive overhangs and tufas – the abundance of different styles is ideal to suit every level. It is the perfect location to discover climbing, or transition from climbing indoors to climbing outside, or for those already familiar with climbing to improve in the different styles of climbing.

The fun and relaxed island atmosphere with sunshine, amazing Greek food, and the clear blue Aegean sea make for an unforgettable experience.Rest days can be filled with local culture with scooters being readily available for rent as well as a local bus with excellent service around the island. Local fish and produce markets are abundant in the port area of Pothia. From the harbor of Myrties a ferry to numerous other local islands and hard to reach climbing caves is also readily available. Touring ancient ruins, the orchards and gardens of Vathi, or exploring the sea by snorkel or scuba diving are also excellent ways to spend a rest day and get to know the island.

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