Yoga for Climbers

Alix Northup Yoga Rock Climbing

Saturday, May 19th 1:30 to 3:30pm at Planet Granite in Portland, OR

$35 for members/ $40 for non members

Climbing and yoga are a natural match.  Both involve mindful movement
and being in the present moment.  This workshop will focus on
addressing alignment and balancing muscles relating to climbing to
help avoid injury and move more efficiently on the wall. 


We will begin by releasing tightness in the neck, shoulders, arms, and hips
with gentle unwinding movements and stretches, and then work to build
strength, flexibility, and stability in body and mind with dynamic
yoga poses.
Class is suitable for all levels.

Alix Northup brings over twenty years of yoga practice and over a
decade of teaching experience along with her passion for climbing.
She teaches locally and internationally and specializes in yoga
therapeutics, with the overall intention of bringing mindfulness in
the yoga experience on and off the mat.

For more info and registration please contact Alix at to confirm your space.