Return to Center: A Mindful Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica with Alix Northup

March 6th-13th, 2020

Location: Playa Uvita, Costa Rica

Step out of the busyness of your life and join Alix for a week of inner and outer exploration in the stunning natural landscape of Costa Rica, where the jungle meets the ocean. Immerse yourself in nurturing practices for your body and mind, and reconnect to nature and the wisdom of your own spirit as you ‘Return to Center’.

The venue was built with intention and commitment over the years to sustainable practices, and with Natural and Cultural heritage protection. The beautiful and unique open-air yoga studio lends to a sense of blending with the sounds and sights the environment. The Costa Rican token phrase ‘Pura vida”, or “pure life”, is truly embodied here.

Each day will include both active and restorative yoga practices in the morning and afternoon, and guided meditations to begin and end the day. There will be ample free time to spend connecting to nature through activities including surfing, SUP, snorkeling, whale and bird watching, hiking through the rainforest, swimming in the ocean or fresh water swimming hole, or simply resting and enjoying wholesome and tasty meals with locally grown fruits and vegetables.

This retreat will include a karma yoga project opportunity of volunteering at a local sea turtle conservation site, and an optional excursion to ride horses to visit and swim at a local waterfall.

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