“Alix is wonderful. She is calm, considerate, and has the perfect energy to be leading the mindful trips that she does. I am so grateful to her for everything she taught me, and for organizing our trip to be in such a sublime locale.

Our hosts at Coastal Mountain Sports Haus were over-the-top wonderful in caring for us. They made incredible meals and gave us a lovely experience in every way. It was a privilege to be on this trip.”

–Katie Moriarty

“Alix’s yoga retreat in Costa Rica was a good balance of meditation and yoga practice. Alix started each day with heart opening readings, meditation, and walking meditation. The yoga was a good combination of active movement, stretching, Hatha, and restorative. We closed each day with yoga Nidra. It was a week of spiritual growth and physical strengthening, a very positive experience.

I truly appreciated and enjoyed the retreat. Thank you for the gift of your leadership and talent.”

— Barb

“The back care series you are leading this month is phenomenal! I was having lower back pain and sciatica last week, and after this last week’s class it went away!”

— Leslie Constans

“I’ve had scoliosis since a young teenage girl and I’ve tried it all from back braces to being strapped to a table in contorted positions. When I was in the early stages of being pregnant I was worried that my back would be an issue. I took up private practice with Alix Northup. She gave me a wealth of knowledge on my spine, taught me a great practice that makes me feel amazing, and now even rocking my heavy and chunky little 6 month old to sleep, my back feels strong, flexible, and pain free.

Combined with her massage therapy, she’s nothing short of a miracle worker. If you’re reading this and have any similar history to me, just know that it worked so well and there’s no time like now to take care of yourself. You won’t regret it.”

— Courtney McCracken

“My mind and body always have a great sense of calm after your classes which typically carry over to the next morning. The slow movements and deep breathing are just so helpful. Thanks so much!”

— Vinay Prasad

“I have been meaning to write and let you know how much you have done for my scoliosis and understanding of yoga’s influence over my body structure.

I was diagnosed at 13 with scoliosis and have since been measured at a 53+ degree curvature. Massive surgery has been recommended on more than one occasion and I have done all I can to avoid that.

While not having too much pain, I routinely experienced discomfort in my back and legs since I was diagnosed. Thanks to your yoga series and the individualized treatment you have provided, I have a greater understanding of how I can influence the trajectory of my back. The tips on how to position my body for various activities and specifically yoga poses has been extremely helpful.

Because of your teaching, I know I can take action to move my body in the way it should be moved as opposed to feeling that I am at the whim of a spine with a mind of its own. I will be able to avoid surgery forever if I can maintain what you have taught me. Thank you, thank you! Scheduling and working with you have been seamless and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

— Pam Smith

“Practicing with Alix, and getting to know her the past few years, has been an absolute pleasure. Alix possesses a wisdom and a vast understanding of the human form. She is able to share this knowledge in an effortless, accessible, and fluid manner. I thoroughly enjoy her mindful hatha practice – a practice that stills my mind and allows me to deeply listen to my subtle body.”

— Meghan Bursiek

“I have been practicing yoga and getting massages from Alix for the past three years. I have scoliosis. I chose Alix from her profile on The People’s Yoga website because I figured that a mindful yoga teacher such as Alix would also be a great massage therapist and this has proven to be very true.

I go for a monthly 90 minute massage with her at her beautiful studio adjacent to her home. I feel great during the massage and wonderful afterwards. I also use many of the doTERRA essential oils that she sells. Alix is patient and kind and fun to talk to also. 5 star rating for her from me.”

— Jan S Molinaro, satisfied yoga student and client

“After I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, Alix worked with me develop a customized yoga practice to help build stronger bones. She showed me how to adapt many poses so that I can get the most benefit without causing myself any harm. The one-on-one instruction made all the difference–I can actually do poses that have always been difficult for me. And thanks to Alix, I can go back to yoga class with confidence.”

— Teri Duncan

“Alix has taught me so much about my scoliosis. Learning how to adapt yoga to my specific curve enables me to do all yoga postures but with a specific ‘twist’. The mental image I now have of my back helps me move in ways beneficial to my back. Best of all, Alix teaches with humor, knowledge, and compassion.

Life is great now that I can practice yoga again!! Scoliosis is no longer a burden; rather a gift.”

— Carmen Schleiger

“I REALLY enjoy the two videos I purchased from you before, and am excited to add this new one to the mix! You do a fantastic job on these on every level. I actually look forward to doing the yoga!”

— Susan Drawbaugh

“I really appreciate Alix taking the time to address my questions so thoroughly and for offering this whole (backcare) series. I learned so much. It was kind of an amazing cumulative effect over the 4 weeks. I literally feel like this information is changing my life.

The way you teach, being so centered around awareness, makes everything you share so penetrating. Subtle and piercing. It’s the way I wish all information would come at me. 🙂

It was one of those experiences where, when I saw the series being offered, I knew so clearly I should sign up. Almost like I didn’t have a choice, or there was no question or doubt. And now I see why. Your whole offering really feels like magic to me!”

— Genevieve