Yoga for Healthy Bones

Sunday, November 10th 1-4pm at The People’s Yoga NE Studio 2

Our bones provide the structure of support for our bodies.  Bone loss, or osteoporosis is commonly occurring across the globe and leads to fragility and susceptibility to bone fracture.  Yoga strengthens the bones at all stages of life.   Read More

Return to Center: A Mindful Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica with Alix Northup

March 6th – March 13nd, 2020
Location: Playa Uvita, Costa Rica

Step out of the busyness of your life and join Alix for a week of inner and outer exploration in the stunning natural landscape of Costa Rica, where the jungle meets the ocean. Immerse yourself in nurturing practices for your body and mind, and reconnect to nature and the wisdom of your own spirit as you ‘Return to Center’.

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Yoga & Meditation Journey in Nepal

Alix Northup Nepal

November 1-14th 2020
Location: Kathmandu Valley, Nepal and the Solo Khumbu in the Mt Everest Region of the Himalayan foothills.

Alix’s experiences with her travels to Nepal have inspired her to co-create this unique yoga pilgrimage retreat with meditation teacher and experienced travel guide Sisse Buldolfsen, of Himalayan hermitage.  This will be the second Yoga Pilgrimage Alix and Sisse have led together.   Read More