Yoga for Backcare

Wednesdays, October 19th- November 9th, 2022  5:30pm-7pm PT

Location: The People’s Yoga Studio – Live-streamed Online

Sessions 1 and 2: Upper Back Focus

Sessions 3 and 4: Lower Back and Hips

With increased screen time and varying levels of stress and uncertainty, the body and mind can become more vulnerable to habitual holding patterns that affect the back and overall vitality.
This series will explore gentle unwinding movements, as well as dynamic and therapeutic yoga poses, to bring sensory awareness and mindfulness to postural patterns and physical and emotional holding in the body that can create strain on the back.  Each class can be taken on it’s own, or as an entire series.  The series will offer continuity of practice, as each class will build upon the last.  Space will be held for questions that come up throughout.
These classes are appropriate for all levels and gentle enough for beginners and those working with an injury. Modifications of poses will be given as needed.

Cost: $72 for full series (with access to workshop recordings) or $18 drop in

10% TPY members discount

For registration visit The People’s Yoga