Yoga for Scoliosis Workshop

Sunday, September 18th, 2022 1-4pm at The People’s Yoga NE Studio

Learn about scoliotic curvature patterns of the spine and discover the role yoga can play in creating awareness,
relieving pain, and restoring a sense of balance to the body and mind.

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Yoga for Backcare

Wednesdays, October 19th- November 9th, 2022  5:30pm-7pm PT

Location: The People’s Yoga Studio – Live-streamed Online

Sessions 1 and 2: Upper Back Focus

Sessions 3 and 4: Lower Back and Hips

With increased screen time and varying levels of stress and uncertainty, the body and mind can become more vulnerable to habitual holding patterns that affect the back and overall vitality.
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Yoga for Scoliosis & Backcare Retreat with Alix Northup

Alix Northup Yoga for Scoliosis

Friday, May 12th-14th, 2023

Location: Coastal Mountain Sport Haus, Vernonia, Oregon

Unwind deep layers of held tension and discover specific modifications for your personal yoga practice.

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Mystical Yoga Adventure in Iceland with Alix and Stephanie

Date: October 1-7th, 2022

Location: Akureri, Iceland

Join Alix Northup and Stephanie Starnes for a dreamy retreat in Northern Iceland.

Experience the magic of nature, yoga, meditation, sound healing, Northern Lights, hot springs, soak/sauna, waterfalls, and much, much, more!

Nourish yourself with good food and self-care, while being surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

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