Yoga & Meditation Journey in Nepal

Alix Northup Nepal

Dates: TBA

Location: Kathmandu Valley, Nepal and the Solo Khumbu in the Mt Everest Region of the Himalayan foothills

Alix’s experiences with her travels to Nepal have inspired her to co-create this unique yoga pilgrimage retreat with meditation teacher and experienced travel guide Sisse Buldolfsen, of Himalayan Hermitage. This will be the second Yoga and Meditation Journey Sisse and Alix have led together, and the third retreat that they have co-led together in Nepal. 

  • The Journey in a Nutshell
  • -Discover Nepal by hiking in the footsteps of realized yogis & yoginis as we visit the most sought after sacred sites in the Kathmandu valley and the Everest region
  • -14 day itinerary incorporating daily yoga & meditation sessions, as well as group discussions on Buddhist philosophy. Includes all meals, accommodation, & transportation
  • -Accommodation ranges from luxurious eco-resorts to simple yet majestic monasteries
  • -Healthy & delicious vegetarian meals. Please inquire about dietary needs
  • -‘Early bird’ price of $3,100 USD per person
  • Throughout the journey, we will practice yoga and meditation together as a group, as well as have discussions on Buddhist philosophy. There is no prerequisite for joining a journey, nor is it required to have any knowledge or experience with yoga, the practice of meditation, or of Buddhism. Simply to have the wish to go deeper with one’s mind, and to have curiosity regarding its qualities, is enough!
For more information and details about this retreat and for registration, visit the Himalayan Hermitage website through this link:
Please contact Alix with any questions.